Oh the places I went…the year in review!

January started off in Heidelberg Germany. Breath-taking, medieval and oh so cold. The architecture is as interesting as the food scene. For every foodie a dinner at the Scharff’s Schlossweinstube located within the Heidelberg Castle walls is a must night out! February took me to a wedding in Cabo! Bringing family, friends and fun together. … More Oh the places I went…the year in review!

Perfect predictable London…well almost!

There are cities that always resonate with people; Rome, Paris, New York…for me I tend to forget about one of the best cities…London! Offering fantastic food and world-class museums. Family friendly excursions, think Harry Potter attractions, entertainment and shopping! The weather might not always cooperate but that’s what an umbrella is for. Meeting an old … More Perfect predictable London…well almost!