Perfect predictable London…well almost!

There are cities that always resonate with people; Rome, Paris, New York…for me I tend to forget about one of the best cities…London! Offering fantastic food and world-class museums. Family friendly excursions, think Harry Potter attractions, entertainment and shopping! The weather might not always cooperate but that’s what an umbrella is for. Meeting an old … More Perfect predictable London…well almost!


My scheduled work trip was Zurich. A four-day, so I had an extra day. My friend was to join me. Springtime in Switzerland. Train scheduled to Lucerne. The lake, fondue, and old town. Wandering the streets looking for the stories the beautiful city beholds. Leaving the details vague. Living in the moment. All part of … More Stella

Art Weekend

Art appreciation, how and when does it happen? For me, sometime in my mid 30’s. It all came together when I decided to learn to speak french. Easier said than done. College classes, tutors, two weeks in Montreal living in a stranger’s house, eating meals together with other students and taking classes was how it … More Art Weekend

Destination Wedding!

THERE WAS A WEDDING IN CABO SAN LUCAS I WAS INVITED I WENT! In today’s world we all want to take a break. We need to feel alive, in control, positive and hopeful. Everyone needs to dream. To cherish their family and friends. With these pictures and not many words I hope you can feel … More Destination Wedding!

Avoid the crowds, skip the lines but bring your winter coat!

  I love the journey, the adventure, the unknown, and the experience. What I don’t love is the means of getting from point A to point B. I actually prefer to work a flight than to fly as a passenger. Fully understanding all the issues that passengers endure, arrival at the airport, security procedures, people, … More Avoid the crowds, skip the lines but bring your winter coat!