Becoming bold and what I discovered during 2018!

Once again here we are at the awkward time between Christmas and New Years Day. No one seems to know what day it is. The kids want to sleep until noon. The refrigerator is stocked full of leftover desserts I keep trying to pass off as dinner. Day drinking has become a pattern because it must be five o’clock somewhere and Netflix is constantly streaming.

Now in a few more days you think you will set up all these major “resolutions” for yourself. The gym everyday at six am. Give up chocolate and become the most productive human being around. Too much pressure for anyone and who needs more of that these days.

I try and set up small goals for myself. For 2018 I wanted to get out of my comfort zone by traveling to new cities, experiencing new adventures. Since I am directionally challenged this is a biggie. Anyone who knows me will tell you if I say to take a right then you should definitely go left. However, I had managed to explore a completely different part of London on my own. Traveled solo to Paris for a few days. Went to Bogota Colombia for the first time. I changed the route I usually walk in Edinburgh and discovered a new area just steps from my hotel. Rode horses in the countryside in Iceland. Celebrated with the remarkable people of Porto Portugal during St. John’s Day- Bop!

I squashed my anxiety on many occasions and met truly unique people.

Here are a few my highlights from 2018!

It only took me 13 stops on the metro with changes, two wrong turns in a three block walk to find this awesome vegan cafe in a cool neighborhood in Paris. The matcha latte was worth the journey.

A trip to Paris for Diner en Blanc left me in the city of lights for two days to explore on my own. Solo travel!

Don’t let life pass you by. Surround yourself with positive people. Engage in new activities. Be Bold, Eat Well, Travel Often and Enjoy 2019!

Cheers Tamara

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