“She loved a windy day, it made her feel like she was flying.” -unknown

The acropolis originally named the National Monument remains unfinished

Winding staircases and hills leading to astonishing views. Burial grounds of celebrities. Constant changing weather patterns leaving you to embrace the unexpected. Medieval and elegant, old and new; a castle that looms over the city. I am in Edinburgh!

Weather you want to golf, taste whiskey, listen to music or simply walk Edinburgh is a city for you.    

As I left my hotel I was greeted with intense winds. My purse was flung upwards towards my shoulder and I needed to balance myself. But hey the sun was shining!

Views from Calton Hill

 My destination was Calton Hill! Included in the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The views from the hill are fantastic. 

I decided to climb to the top of the Nelson Monument. Which represents an upturned telescope, a reference to Lord Nelson’s naval career.  Work began in 1805 and then was stopped due to a lack of funds. The Monument was finally finished in 1816. 

Nelson Monument

For a fee of 5 pounds you can climb the spiral staircase for unparalleled views of the city of Edinburgh! The effort it takes to reach the top is totally worth it. You can see Edinburgh Castle, both Old and New towns and more.

The staircase winds you up and up!
Climbing the staircase
View of Arthur’s Seat
Wondering if it was such a good idea to climb up here?
The Portugese Cannon

Just a few short steps away from Calton Hill lies the Old Calton Cemetery. The blustery day was perfect for walking thru this burial ground. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I entered the narrow opening of a stone wall. I felt like I had immediately been transported to a different time. The day  seemed a little more grey. I heard every leaf rustle. I have to say I felt a little unnerved walking around. 

Old Calton Cemetery

Beautiful stones
The front of Balmoral Hotel!

A nice way to end your walk is a stroll down Princes Street.  With loads of shops and cafes you can wind down and give yourself a little rest before dinner.

“This is a very unfriendly wind.”
-Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

Cheers Tamara!

8 thoughts on ““She loved a windy day, it made her feel like she was flying.” -unknown

  1. Great place to visit, do like your blogs. So, many places and stories from there I like the story of Greyfriars Bobby. Trevor X


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