The Capital of Spies…Berlin!


Several years ago I discovered a movie called “The Lives of Others” circa 1984. It takes place shortly before the fall of the Wall in Berlin. I watched the movie. I devoured it. I watched it again and again. I was intrigued by good vs bad. Oppressive society and people’s free will. This movie is suspenseful, dark, and a real thriller.

The Stasi officer sits in a room with headphones on. He is still, listening, spying and eventually becomes conflicted about his loyalties. A famous playwright and his lover are being spied on. Doing nothing wrong except living in East Berlin in the early 80’s.

Walking near Potzdamer Platz in Berlin one day I discovered the Deutsches Spionage Museum!  (The Spy Museum).  Right in the center of Berlin where the wall once stood was this remarkable museum dedicated to Espionage in the Capital of Spies! I knew I had to go in.


Who was the first spy? Did you know that drones were actually used in World War One. There were shoe bugs, killer umbrellas, hidden cameras. Learn if  your password is secure and take a chance to hack into your favorite website.

The Bridge of Spies



You will  learn the lengths people would go to in order to spy and discover the bizarre methods that were used by agents. Make sure you allow time to immerse yourself in the history of secret agents, equipment and spying. There are over 1,000 exhibits. Many are interactive. The history begins in the biblical times then takes you slowly into the present in the most extraordinary way. Keeping even the youngest entertained. Multi media technology will guide you. Don’t miss the laser beam obstacle course. Fun for all.

The Wall through Berlin

As an avid fan of another TV Series dedicated to Espionage…”The Americans”. I watched this series every week, allowing every episode to consume me. Even cringing at some of the scenes! I didn’t want it to end as I enjoyed the intrigue, the techniques used to spy and the characters.

I was beyond thrilled to discover the interactive dress up area in the museum. I became a spy that day. If only for a few minutes and a picture or two. It didn’t matter, as I channeled my inner Elisabeth Jennings from “The Americans” my day was complete!


Thank you JN for indulging my inner spy tendencies! Cheers Tamara

Side note: Does anyone need to spy anymore these days? Seriously we put it all out there now…Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. Just a thought

The museum is open daily 10am-8pm

Located at Leipziger Platz 910117 Berlin


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