College, cocktails, relationships!


When your child leaves home for college the household changes. You walk by their room and try not to glance at the empty bed and clean space.  Your house is a little less full and a little quieter. It will never be the same.

Wanting to celebrate my daughter’s first successful year at college and possibly the last summer she comes home, we planned a trip to London. On my list of things to do:  The Shard for breathtaking views over the city, London theatre and a museum or two. On my daughter’s list of things to do: Ballie Ballerson a world-famous ball pit cocktail bar (really) and shopping (in one of the most expensive cities, just google the exchange rate)?

As parents we often forget that our children have spent the last nine months on their own. They did not have to answer questions about what time they would be home. No one ever said to them “why are you going out at midnight”. I was hoping our trip would help with the re-adjustment of life back at home. Life under your parents roof. Life with a curfew and questions.


Views from The Shard



Yes we became pro’s at riding The Tube!



One summer my daughter and I read the Shopaholic book series and laughed so much. We decided to channel our inner Becky Bloomwood with drinks and shopping on our last day in London!
For fancy drinks and posh shopping stroll through this high-end department store on Oxford Street

For most college kids returning home for the summer is awesome for approximately one week at most. They have learned to be independent. Their friends at home have also changed. All part of growing up.

I let my daughter guide us on this trip. I sacrificed museums for cocktail bars. I discovered insight into her freshman year at college…friendships, schoolwork and sorority life.  I was elated to learn of her desire to travel abroad in the next year or so. Admiring her maturity and simply enjoying my time with her!

My daughter keeping me young at Ballie Ballerson!

Cheers Tamara!


5 thoughts on “College, cocktails, relationships!

  1. so wonderful! I hope Rylee and Chloe realize how lucky they are to have these opportunities thanks to you. What a great experience for both of you!


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