Outdoor hike, cold beer, great food…the ultimate cure for jet-lag?


We were on final approach into Edinburgh airport. My body was aching with fatigue and my eyes were burning from sleep deprivation. As I viewed the country from the small window at my jump seat I knew I was doomed. The sky was a gorgeous blue. Thin streaks of white clouds telling the story of what the day would bring.  I wouldn’t be able to rest for long. Two or three hours maximum. Days with spring-like temperatures and blue skies are not common in Scotland. They simply cannot be wasted.

I needed to reenergize my body. The hike was on. I set out for the short walk from the Royal Mile to Holyrood Park. The parks highest point is Arthur’s Seat an ancient volcano offering marvelous views of the city. There are several different routes that allow you to escape the city streets of Edinburgh and feel like you are in the countryside. Although some routes are a bit steep and the rocks can be slippery all you need to do is take your time, stop for photographs, a sip of water and to breathe in the fresh air. You will see families with kids in strollers, dogs, and people of all ages on this brilliant walk.

Which way to go? You can’t go wrong every path leads to beauty!
Steps leading up, up and away!
When you have made it to the top!
Nature views surround the city 

Going down was easier than going up but as they say in the UK “mind the step”! Steep and jagged rocks are all reasons to once again take your time and enjoy this oasis. I retraced my steps back down to Holyrood Park and immediately began thinking about where I wanted to enjoy my much deserved beer.

Along the lower section of the Royal Mile is The Canongate which is loaded with history and a culture quite its own. I didn’t really know anything much about this area except the Tolbooth Tavern. Part of the original Canongate Tolbooth which was built-in 1591. Used as a courthouse ,prison and to collect tolls from travellers entering the burgh. Now a pub, offering food and live entertainment. I peeked in, however, the day was still sunny and bright hence sitting in a dark space was not what I had in mind. Lucky for me I stumbled upon The Food and the Flea Market. Lovely outdoor food market offering numerous choices for everyone. Bonus – Music!

Will I ever find a cure for my jet-lag – probably not. Will I every stay in my room because I can’t find anyone else who wants to go out and play with me – no way! Will I every consider my wonderful profession a job – not likely!


Windy at the top of Arthur’s Seat! Cheers Tamara

Helpful Hints:  There are color coded maps with different routes to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Offering advice on the different trails and their level of difficulty.

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