What Rome is [really] like during Easter!

Rome for Easter? No we weren’t crazy, just curious!


This picture tells a story of our short break to Rome over Easter. Vibrant, colorful, serene, complex, rapid, and blissful!


We were jet-lagged and hoping for an early check-in at our hotel. I guess 8:30 am is somewhat unreasonable on our part. Like they say “everything happens for a reason”.

We soon found ourselves trudging towards The Vatican with thousands of other people. Seeking a view of Pope Francis and to become part of his Easter Sunday Mass. As we nudged our way forward and took in the scene I became completely energized. The crowd, the architecture, everything was exhilarating. Our trip had begun!


I’m not sure what my thoughts are on the Colosseum, this structure is definitely one of the world’s wonders. I was in awe of something so old and still standing? I had questions. I imagined the stories that live deep within, and the lives of the people who entered this structure and of those who never left.


In the area of the Colosseum, and near the Circus Maximus we found The Baths of Caracalla! This was a public bathing facility and a social place for the people of Rome. Extremely large and spectacular. I wasn’t quite prepared for this impressive architectural wonder.


Our last day we wandered along the river to Trastevere. This area is a beautiful combination of art, funk and color.  You will find artisan shops and many trattorias. At night the young crowd embarks on this area for the craft beer and numerous wine bars.

We tried to sip our espresso at the counter like the locals. Enjoyed Aperol Spritz for happy hour outdoors. We ate the traditional pasta “Cacio e Pepe”. Yes we endured lines, however, nothing unmanageable. Everything was open. We learned about ancient Rome.


Often a street seemed way too crowed. We would choose another path and often it led us to the beauty that surrounds you daily!


This trip was for my beautiful daughter. Her excitement and desire to explore led us to Rome!

Cheers Tamara!

Our favorite finds:

Grazia & Graziella in Trestevere – Go for the fries with cheese and pepper

The Chianti Wine Bar – near the Trevi – go for the Cacio e Pepe

Navona Notte – near Piazza Navona – go for the delicious thin crust pizza

3 thoughts on “What Rome is [really] like during Easter!

  1. I really enjoy reading about your adventures wherever your journey takes you. Keep writing and providing the beautiful pictures. Love Mom


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