Thirteen stops on the metro for coffee…only in Paris! Join me for an afternoon in the City of Lights!


Paris is one of those remarkable cities. The museums, the architecture and, seriously, the bread. Although I find either you love Paris or hate it!  I’m sure you can guess the way I feel about this magical place.  I couldn’t wait for my twenty-four hour layover, as it had been five months since I had walked over the Pont des Arts bridge and sat outside at a cafe’ sipping coffee. I love everything about this city. Well sometimes the waiters are a little rough around the edges but who cares just take one more picture of the Eiffel Tower to add to your photo album!

I had read about this little vegan restaurant called Wild and the Moon located at 55 Rue Charlot.  I wanted to explore a new area and leave my comfort zone. However, thirteen stops on the Metro and one train change for a coffee seemed a little much especially after three hours of sleep. After a little research I realized the Picasso Museum was about a five-minute walk from this restaurant. I can have it all, matcha latte, vegan snack, art, culture and yes a whole baguette to myself!

I was still a little bleary-eyed from jet-lag but the sky had turned a beautiful blue and the temperature was perfect for walking. My next stop would be all about Picasso!

When I arrived at the museum there were no lines, I simply walked right in. Wandered through the floors and enjoyed seeing the artist’s own private collection. The building is stunning itself and the influential art that is contained here is not to be missed.  Picasso’s life and story are in this museum. Wander at your leisure but save time to visit the cafe and enjoy a glass of champagne out on the terrace. Trust me you will feel very French afterwards!

I decided to head back towards the area of my hotel and look for a place for dinner. I ended up walking down the charming market street of Rue Cler. Full of speciality shops…boulangerie, fromagerie, and des magasin du vin. Numerous cafes’ and restaurants abound on this street. With menus posted outside, have a look and see if they serve something you like before going in.  Always a plus in my book. L’Eclair at 32 Rue Cler has a great vegetarian special. I entered and was seated at a cosy little table, ordered my vin rouge and entertained my waiter with my french language skills!

Always take the time for a picture. Lose some sleep get up early take in the day and breathe!
May I never lose the desire to travel, explore, wander and drink champagne during the afternoon! Cheers Tamara

3 thoughts on “Thirteen stops on the metro for coffee…only in Paris! Join me for an afternoon in the City of Lights!

  1. Thank you for always bringing us along on your travels through your writing! I too hope you never lose the desire to travel, photograph, and blog about it.


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