Traditional food and fun for a day in Zurich!

Everyone has somewhere to go. We are all busy. Stop and take a moment to look around, enjoy your life and slow down! Train station Zürich Switzerland

Our flight was full and a little delayed. Zürich was extremely foggy and we had to circle. We landed late. There was a wait for our rooms at the hotel and breakfast was offered. All I wanted was sleep, soon I would have been up for twenty-four hours. Breakfast it is. Slowing eating, waiting, and wondering how in the world will I be able to get out and enjoy what will be left of my day in Zürich.

Flight Attendants are resilient. Sleep not necessary for some of us. We just adapt. It’s the nature of the job. The reason I fly International trips. The state of being Europe. If only for a part of the day, and at best for drinks and dinner this time.

Zürich is a beautiful, well-organized city. Trams, buses, walking. Everything fits together neatly in a little package.

First stop Rooftop for a glass of prosecco. The location is situated at the top of the fashion store, Modissa. Shop a little then head up to the sixth floor. Drinks, food and a great view of the rooftops of Zurich. We were interested in the outdoor seating. We all adorned our hats and gloves. We took in the view. Sipped prosecco. Sat back in the comfy chairs and wrapped ourselves in blankets.

Next stop dinner. We wanted to partake in a little bit of history, and therefore we had reservations at Zeughauskeller! Zeughaus means arsenal storehouse. However, this place has been peaceful and sociable since 1926 and I can assure you all the weapons are gone.

What they do have is the Beer Flambe’ with firewater which sounded like something that would take our chill away from the outdoor terrace earlier. Also, sausages severed numerous ways covered a whole page of the menu along with pork specialities.  As a vegetarian I was a bit concerned but not to worry. Order the Aelplermagronen (Alpine macaroni)! A specialty from the heart of Switzerland, it’s creamy, warm, and indulgent!

The tables at this restaurant are communal and we were seated with two others diners. We soon met Yannick and Luca. Who we thought were having dinner together but soon learned they had also just met earlier that evening when seated together.

On this short day in Zürich we enjoyed life in a way that is sometimes forgotten. Simple, heartwarming, open-minded and thoughtful. We enjoyed conversation, drinks, shared thoughts and much laughter. Then we bid goodnight to our dinner companions and went our separate ways with full stomachs and memories.

Live in the moment! Beer Flambe’

I hope you enjoy this snippet of my half day in Zürich!

Rooftop is located at Bahnhofstrasse 74 8001 Zürich – cocktails, food, cozy and casual

Zeughauskeller is located at Bahnhofstrasse 28a Beim Paradeplatz Zürich – a little touristy yes but lots of fun!


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