How to kickstart 2018; health, happiness and travel tips!

Happy New Year!

Early January began with brutal cold tormenting the US.  A winter storm blanketed the east coast with snow and delivered blizzard conditions. Schools were closed, airports at a stand still. Making it hard to do anything other than curling up on the couch under a blanket with a good book. Don’t despair. This is an excellent time to start making your travel bucket list. Sometimes quiet time is when you think of your finest ideas.

The beginning of a new year always brings resolutions. For me I would like to gain a better concept of my photography, continue to learn about blogging and gain additional cooking styles.

With temperatures below zero most people are thinking about the beach and warm weather.  My recent stay in Antigua was fabulous, the island is beautiful, and the people are amazing. The Pineapple Beach Club survived the Hurricane without damage. A small resort that is big on friendly service!

Sun and beach in Antigua
Relax at the Pineapple Beach Club

I also enjoy Europe this time of year. You can find sensational deals at hotels, small  crowds and plenty of seats on the airplane.

One January I landed a room in Florence at The St. Regis (wouldn’t have been affordable at any other time of the year)!

The stunning breakfast room at The St. Regis Florence!


My bucket list for this year or at least the next few months!

Toledo/Seville Spain, Lyon France, Mont Tremblant Canada, Croatia, Cork Ireland, and anywhere in Italy!

Travel tips: Pack for layering your clothes especially in Europe. You can and will experience; wind, rain, sun and even snow. Occasionally all in the same day! Always travel with a small umbrella. Wear boots and pack sensible walking shoes. I believe the best way to experience a city is by walking as much as possible. Wandering through the intimate streets and alley ways affords you a “local” look into the city. However, since I am also somewhat of a slave to fashion I can’t leave home without one pair of “chic” shoes. They may be completely foolish but who cares it’s just one pair!

Serious fun! Found wondering the streets of Milan early December! Because who can go to Milan and not buy shoes.

Pack snacks for the plane and a good book! Expect delays, after all it’s winter, and then you can be pleasantly surprised when the planes, trains and automobiles run on time! If you get stressed traveling try using Copaiba essential oil great for those stressful moments.

And if you need to stay home…embrace wherever your are and always live in the moment!



Happy Travels! Tamara

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