When in Rome…take the train to Umbria!


Early November and the tourists are sparse. Beautiful sunny afternoons leading to cool evenings. The perfect time to wander, shop, and sight see in Rome!

But I wanted to do something impulsive. Out of the ordinary. Luckily I was traveling with my friend Gina. She always brings abundant willingness, enthusiasm and the language skills all helpful to pull off a serious day trip with very little sleep!

Rent a car or travel by train? Much discussion was involved, however, we both like to drink wine…train travel it is! Destination Orvieto!

Going up and coming down. Take the funicular it’s a few minutes to the center of Orvieto.

This magical city is perched on a rock cliff in Umbria. Offering dramatic views as soon as you disembark the much appreciated funicular. You can then walk leisurely through the cobblestone streets making your way to the old town. Picturesque squares and alleys abound. Savor your time by stopping for a coffee and a snack at one of the many cafe’s.

Take in the view! You have just arrived at a Fairy Tale City!

Make your way to the Duomo, take the picture! Or ten like I usually do. This Duomo is one of the most beautiful in all of Italy. Combining different architectural styles. You will see examples of Gothic and Romanesque styles showcasing this masterpiece of art and architecture!

Not to be missed and the highlight of our trip was the Orvieto Underground. There is actually a city under this city. What? Yes an underground world that had existed many, many years ago and then was forgotten.  There was a discovery of over 1200 grottoes, cisterns for holding rainwater and a medieval oil press for olives. Truly an underground city. We saw endless tunnels, stairs, passageways and yes pigeon holes. I could write forever about this fascinating find in this majestic city, however, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Take my advice and travel to Orvieto and sign up for a guided tour. Let your mind be fascinated and intrigued where The Etruscan civilization hid out for two years in their intricate web of caves defending Orvieto. Until they were eventually conquered by the Romans.

Where does it end!

Stroll down the Corso Cavour with a friend arm and arm and listen to the Italian chatter. Stop for a late afternoon espresso at one of the many modern coffee shops. Drink a glass of Orvieto famous Classico wine and nibble on some cheese. We loved Cantina Foresi located at Piazza del Duomo, 2 If you are impressed with your wine, buy a bottle or two to take home. Time to head back to Rome, knowing that someday you will visit this enchanting city again as there is still more to explore.

Plenty of places to rest your feet and find something to eat.
Beautiful squares in Italy
Stroll slowly thru town. Watch, wander and enjoy!

We managed to make the 7:30 train back to Rome and arrived at Termini station around 9:15 (just a little delay, it’s the Italian way). Not wanting to give up on the night and our last trip to Rome for a few months we jumped in a taxi.  Headed to a great little place for a quick bite and vibrant atmosphere, Vinotecca Novecento located at Piazza Delle Coppelle,47

Welcome to the “Wine Bar”
Cheers to my friend Gina, who was willing to give up on sleep in order to inspire me!

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