Hot in the city!

There is one thing that Rome is in August… freaking hot! However, it is also beautiful, magical, stunning, and breathtaking!  A love/hate relationship you might say! Who doesn’t want to go to Rome anytime of the year. As long as you are prepared, Rome can be fantastic. For starters the locals have all departed for the seaside or the mountains. You can wander down empty streets in the residential neighborhoods. Sometimes a blessing. Shopping is easier, unless your favorite stores have closed.  Restaurants with an abundance of outdoor seating are available at anytime of the day or night. think rooftop bars in the early evening without anyone else obstructing your view or watching your photographic selfie indulgence!

Spending last weekend in Rome was perfect and also about 100°F. I always pack with a few options and a change of clothes. My heeled sandals lasted about 15 minutes until I switched them out for flats. Even my feet were hot. My dress seemed light, cool and comfortable until we waited for the train in the station for about 10 minutes. Air conditioning exists in most hotels but not in a lot of other places – so beware.

Still I never push aside any European city in August. There is a charm and certain magic to every season.

Waking up after a short nap always calls for coffee!
The streets, alleys, flowers and buildings. Beauty around every corner!
Time to fill up your water bottle! It’s hot outside


The Pizza Oven at Navona Notte!
Paper thin crust, sauce, mushrooms and fresh spicy arugula! Dinner in Rome!
Well we found the crowd…at the Spanish Steps!
And if you need one more excuse to enjoy Rome in August…Gelato!
This is a day in the life of a flight attendant! Enjoying friendship and a way of life! Until next time…Ciao!

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