My scheduled work trip was Zurich. A four-day, so I had an extra day. My friend was to join me. Springtime in Switzerland. Train scheduled to Lucerne. The lake, fondue, and old town. Wandering the streets looking for the stories the beautiful city beholds. Leaving the details vague. Living in the moment. All part of my inspired life.

The storm is named. Stella will hit the east coast early Tuesday morning. My flight was cancelled Monday evening. Just like that Zurich is abandoned.

The snow started early, fluffy large flakes floating down from the sky and piling up. Now I hear the hard knocking of hail. Tap, tap, tap on the windows.  Stella is here in full force. It’s swirling, an icy  whiteout.  How did it change so quickly.  Blizzard conditions have arrived with no end in sight. I’m reminded of my childhood in rural Illinois. Snow midway up the back door.

I won’t be able to provide any pictures of Marc Chagall’s church windows or the beautiful Lake Lucerne. Another time. What I do have for you is a glimpse into my suburban life in New Jersey. A small peek at the beautiful small town of Clinton and the blizzard of 2017!

The Landmark Red Mill in Clinton NJ. Beautifully in harmony with the snow!
The snow has slowed down. The shoveling is over. Add a warming bowl of udon soup noodle for lunch. Watch a movie. Start a fire. You are inside for the day!
Waiting for spring!




4 thoughts on “Stella

  1. This is such a great story and pictures to enjoy. Hopefully you have dug out of all the snow. Look forward to see when you an Ria are able to travel again.


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