Friendship around the world!

Often life takes us in many different directions. In the airline industry you could easily work with someone and not see them again for a few years. Being fortunate to work with people you really like is a plus in this business.  I am always pleased to see a name of a person that I know on my crew list especially when it is unexpected. Edinburgh, 24 hours, half full flight and an on time departure with a good friend. What more could I ask for!

From the Scott Monument views of Arthur’s Seat

Waking up in Edinburgh with the sun peeking through the curtains in my room has an instant effect on my body. Even if the desire to stay in bed crossed my mind, I realize a day in Scotland featuring blue skies can’t be missed. There are many appealing ways to spend your day in this enchanted city. Some might enjoy wandering through Old town, listening to the bag pipers that line the streets. Climbing Castle hill to view the world-famous Edinburgh Castle which dominates the skyline. Shopping for clothes in quirky boutiques like Ness! Endless options abound.

We decided to climb the 287 steps to the top of the Scott Monument. This monument located on Princes Street, was built to commemorate Sir Walter Scott, one of Scotland’s greatest novelists! Five pounds will allow you breath-taking views at each and every level as you ascend the spiral staircase to the top. If tight spaces make you nervous, well don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As someone new to this world of “blogging” I wanted to capture the same inspiration that JK Rowling found at the Elephant House cafe. We ordered wine, ate crisps, and relished in the literary moment.  We were in the same room where Rowling sat writing many of her early novels. Watching the sunset with the Castle partially hidden through the windows. Dark wood buildings outlining the empty streets.  The orange laced sky. The scene was set. I felt the inspiration!

Looking out the window from the back room at the elephant cafe!


You really can’t go wrong with an Indian Restaurant in the UK. Always ask a local for a recommendation. Mother India’s Cafe was our next stop! Informal Indian dining with a tapas concept was perfect!

Not to be missed the mango chutney!

Girlfriends need each other! We need to laugh, listen, cry, and from time to time provide the encouragement to keep going! Cortado’s at Costa outside with blue sky and chilly air. Endless conversation. Buying mittens at Ness because after all it is still winter. Wine in the back room of the Elephant bar offering encouragement. Lastly, a foodie dinner to enjoy together. Celebrating the life of a Flight Attendant!


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