Avoid the crowds, skip the lines but bring your winter coat!


I love the journey, the adventure, the unknown, and the experience. What I don’t love is the means of getting from point A to point B. I actually prefer to work a flight than to fly as a passenger. Fully understanding all the issues that passengers endure, arrival at the airport, security procedures, people, lots and lots of them. No personal space. Not pleasant. My friend recently said “It is a true gift to be able to sleep on an airplane”. How I wish I had that gift. The outcome, however, is always amazing and I am somehow able to forget what I encountered throughout the working part of my day. Sometimes I wonder how my body copes.  Flying to Europe for a three-day trip can be exhausting. I do it often, I’m somewhat used to it. At least that is what my mind says. My body not so much. Subsisting on a few strong espresso’s everyday and as much water as possible. Traveling to Europe during January can be a bit of a struggle with jet lag as the days are shorter. What that also provides is plenty of open seats on the plane…opportunity!

Our first day in Heidelberg we prepared to wander down the longest pedestrian street in Germany. What we encountered were cobblestone streets, incredible architecture, numerous cosy eateries serving pretzels, espresso and decadent hot chocolate.



I am always intrigued at the mind of the Europeans the cold weather doesn’t stop them from enjoying the outdoors! Blankets on chairs for outside dining and bike riding seems to be the norm.
Walking, wandering, peering and observing in Old Town!
Arriving at Heidelberg Castle after the short Funicular ride on this bitter cold day with hardly a tourist in sight.

Heidelberg Palace is the world’s most famous palace ruin which radiates enchanting beauty. This day in January; mysterious, cold, and dampness all added to the stunning show. Walking over the snow-covered ground feeling the crunch of old snow under your feet. The sun not quite up in the sky. The lack of people. The feeling of wonder at this magical site. I almost forgot I was freezing.


We waited till the afternoon to embark upon The Philosophers Walk as we wanted the sun to be at its highest point. An ancient path located on the northern banks of the Neckar River which cuts through vineyards. It was later renamed Philosophenweg during the Romantic Period due to many professors and philosophers who enjoyed the solitude, beauty and views of the town from the path. There are gardens and benches to sit on and observe the beautiful views of the Nectar River, Old Town and Heidelberg Castle.

One of my favorite pictures of the trip!

If you are a foodie and savor a lavish dinner in Heidelberg then definitely make a reservation at Scharff’s Schlossweinstube! Offering many different tasting menu options including Vegetarian! The dishes are beautifully presented and the service excellent.

If you happen to be traveling with your dog, he or she is welcome at the restaurant!

Making your way down the Rhine River you can stop in many picturesque towns.


Traveling through sophisticated Wiesbaden will get you closer to the airport. Known as the wellness capital of Europe. With a beautiful Casino, excellent restaurants, wide paved pathways of Kurpark and endless shopping make Wiesbaden the perfect stop before you fly home.

Dinner options in Wiesbaden are endless ranging from small cafes, wine bars, and gourmet dinner. With the help of a local friend we were able to dine at Saigon Restaurant located on Dotzheimer Str 30. You won’t find undo elegance, atmosphere or a fancy menu, however, what you will encounter is excellent Vietnamese food. Generous servings, aromatic spices and heat if you desire it all accompanied by a large glass of wine. My kind of place.


I don’t have the gift of being able to sleep on an airplane, but what I do have is the desire, the ability, and the good fortune to travel. When you are 3,875 miles from home and you find your home town neighbor is in the same city, you marvel at the small world we live in. You explore together and you have dinner together. Feeling blessed!


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