Traditions…or not!

Overlooking the crowd at Radio City! This fantastic show can be enjoyed by all. Definitely a Holiday Tradition in New York City!

Tradition by definition is the transmission of customs or beliefs passed from generation to generation.

As I think about my traditions growing up I smile and have warm thoughts. Our holidays were modest. We had an artificial tree that my sisters and I would always help my Dad assemble. We often had snow (I was in the Midwest) and we would always celebrate with grandparents and cousins. There was generous amounts of food, christmas cookies and my mom’s famous Divinity in red and green.

I, however, did not pass on any of these traditions to my family. When our kids were young we would cut down our Christmas tree. Now we buy a live tree but one that has already been pre-cut. We make Christmas cookies and enjoy nice dinners, although the menu is never the same. Our Holiday dinners have consisted of Lobster Rolls (Connecticut style, warm and dripping with melted butter), Pizza (at least on one occasion the frozen kind), Airplane Food(lucky for us the First Class kind). Absolutely nothing that falls into the definition of traditions from my youth.  We often travel…but not to grandma’s house. Puerto Rico two years ago,  Antwerp Belgium last year. Never the same place and its usually based upon where we can get a stand-by flight.

This year with the plans of my Mom coming to visit we were certain we could enjoy many local activities.  We purchased tickets for the Christmas spectacular on Christmas Eve day with thoughts of viewing the tree at Rockefeller Center, the windows on Fifth Avenue, followed by brunch.  All holiday events not to be missed. For the first time we decided to host a Boxing Day Party for our friends and neighbors with thoughts of sharing our home with them.

Christmas Eve day brought sideways rain in the morning to New York City. Bryant Park offers an excellent Christmas market and Ice Skating Rink with the beautiful tree in the background.

I look back on 2016 with mixed emotions about many events have transpired over this year. I have grown in many ways. I never visualized myself as a “writer”. I’m proud that I was able to create this blog and continue to have the courage to evolve this year and take the risk in promoting myself and my work. I’m grateful for my family and the support they have always shown me and my friends who encouraged me to begin this process. I learn something new each and every day and appreciate the knowledge that I continue to achieve. In the presence of so many awesome travel bloggers I feel very humbled by any and all followers that I gain.  I have a story to tell. I’ve discovered it’s as much for myself as it is for the seasoned traveller as well as the novice. One of my aspirations for 2017 is the knowledge of the camera and the computer. I will get there. I’m not much of a New Year’s resolution person more of a goal setter.

One of my favorite shots dodging the rain on Christmas Eve.


Although I don’t feel as if we have obvious traditions in as much as where we are each year for Christmas. We still visit with relatives. We decorate our home. We appreciate being somewhere different each year. I guess maybe we do have traditions!

There is one tradition that has been in place for at least five years(pretty good for us)!

New Years Eve is a decadent food evening with fondue and champagne!


Happy New Year and looking forward to 2017! Thanks for all you support!  A few more of my favorite pictures from 2016!


Most beautiful train station in the world!
Eiffel Tower catching light!
The Lake Region of Austria
Travel often, Eat well, and always pack a great pair of shoes!

2 thoughts on “Traditions…or not!

  1. I’m so looking forward to your upcoming 2017 blogs and traveling through you and your wonderful stories and pictures! Congratulations on evolving into a fantistic writer and photographer!


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