I can’t be sick…

Every year as December approaches I linger over thoughts of baking, decorating, shopping (online) of course and snow.  Always engaging my inner child I dream of waking up to blankets and blankets of puffy, light, magical snow, and watching all of my Holiday favorites…Elf, The Santa Clause and White Christmas.  When the first snow of the year arrives overnight and we awaken to a beautiful white dusting covering the ground, it’s enchanting.  I linger at the kitchen window and peer at how serene it looks outside and then it turns in an instant. It’s freezing rain and it feels damp and gray just like my mood.

The Red Mill in Clinton voted #4 of most charming towns in New Jersey

I’m usually organized in December as I balance work, and holiday prep. There are the once a year traditions we make: candied oranges, snowball cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and piles and piles of cut out sugar cookies. There are christmas cards to design, order, address and send (didn’t happen as of yet this year).

A little late this year but the baking has begun. Festive vegan cookies for the Holidays!

This year I was blindsided. I woke up sick. I believe I fall into the category of (immune to all germs) after all I have worked on an airplane for thirty years.  I can’t go to work, I can’t even get off the couch. So here I am at home.  Every morning I wake up and prepare a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar that I know I must consume. Endless amounts of green tea laced with ginger. I’m still on the couch. I haven’t been to my barre exercise class in a week. I have been diffusing my essential oils nightly. Still on the couch. I have watched all three seasons of Rectify on Netflix and read numerous books…it’s been six days. It’s an unnatural feeling how time can slip by so easily when all you have is time on your hands.

I sent my husband to raid the local library for me.  One can only watch so much Netflix!

I was supposed to be in Paris France this week, I’m in New Jersey. I wanted to write this post about the European Christmas Markets. I’m optimistic though, that I will get to Edinburgh this week for an opportunity to engage in the festivities.

If not this week another time for Paris!

I’m feeling better ever so slowly. It’s time to push forward and celebrate the season.

I feel like I am in Paris when I frequent this shop which offers gourmet cheese, olive oils and french linens. One place not to be missed.
If you need a special dress, a great pair of shoes or jeans this is your boutique!

This post is for the enjoyment of the great town I live in and everything it has to offer. This is for anyone (like me) who can’t relax until the bags are packed for the next trip. This is about less stress over the holidays; simply accomplish what you can when you can. Observe your surroundings and open you senses to what is within your reach. Be grateful and loving!

Finally balance has been restored!

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