A Boston Thanksgiving

I first met JM and JN in 2006. All three of us at that time worked in the airline industry. My kids were young and they brought a breath of fresh air to my PTA, gallery time volunteering, and carpooling duties. I started Italian lessons with JM as he is from Milan and I wanted to get a grasp of the language before my two-week trip to Tuscany the following year. We would meet at a coffee shop, me to sip espresso and learn a few words and phrases. He was a serious teacher; pop quizzes, homework. What started as simple fun developed into a long-lasting friendship. We joined a gym together, we cooked together (the most memorable being 365 pieces of home-made ravioli in one day!). I was transported to Italy that day. The food, the preparation, the aroma. I learned the proper way to make pasta. Heavily salted water, cooked “al dente”, and finished in the sauce.  Our morning coffee sometimes turned into a four course lunch together or a trip to Wegmans to search out the best prosciutto and cheeses available. The three of us had time on our side. They now live in Boston and even though I knew the day was coming when they would leave my little town, I still felt a void in my life. We promised to continue our coffee, it would just need to be virtual from now on. We have all gone through many changes since those carefree days…lifestyle, food choices and work. I am blissful that we have stayed true to our word and seven years later our friendship is still strong. Keeping with our tradition of the last five years, Wednesday morning we packed up the car: teenagers, dog, turkey, champagne, and the movie Elf!

We were treated to a beautiful sunset on Wednesday night in Boston!
True Bistro is a fantastic Vegan cafe about 20 minutes outside of Boston!
Butternut squash ravioli with pesto sauce
Cauliflower never tasted so good!

No one should have to cook the night before Thanksgiving! True Bistro serves up vegan food in an electric way. The cashew cheese was the highlight in the Roasted Beet Salad. The dishes are beautiful to look at, the sauces sparkle. Don’t forget to include an order of fries, or two or three or, dare I say, four like we did.

It’s all about the sauce remoulade here!

Unlike New York, Boston is very quiet during the holiday.  It seems everyone leaves the city for the suburbs. There is a silent, mystical calm surrounding the city. After a delicious meal you can take a much-needed walk around the city. Enjoy the festive lights that abound in the Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall area without the crowd.

The Christmas tree at Quincy Market
Christopher Columbus Park

Thanksgiving weekend wouldn’t be complete without a little Black Friday Shopping.  We started at Primark, which opened it’s doors at Downtown Crossing September 10, 2015 as the first one in the U.S.  On Black Friday it opens at 6 a.m. we arrived around 8:45 to a controlled, uncomplicated crowd of shoppers.

In addition to being thankful, grateful, and blessed there are three things I love about Thanksgiving.  1.  I can start playing Christmas music without too many eye rolls from my family. 2. I can start watching Elf again. 3. I can start baking and being somewhat more indulgent!

From our house to your’s Happy Thanksgiving!


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