Wandering the streets of Rome

I am often asked by passengers how long  do we have in a city?  Twenty-four hours is my reply and I recognize the expression it’s always the same…a look of disbelief  and the response of “well that isn’t much time to do anything”.  Oh how wrong they are.

The down time post flight occurs on the bus ride from airport to hotel.  I need to unwind, relax and prepare for my layover. How to make the most of my time.  When I walk into my favorite  cafe the aroma is all I need to wake up. The faces always friendly, as if they are greeting me without any words. I weave my way to the bar with my receipt, (I always take my coffee standing at the bar). Then I hear “Prego” I love the Italian language it’s fun, beautiful and puts a smile on my face. The routine has begun. I take great pleasure in observing the people at the bar.  Everyone is engaged in conversation. No one is in a hurry to go anywhere. Middle of the day. I love the lifestyle. My espresso arrives and the thick dark liquid with a creme top is hot and addictive. I could stand at the bar and drink a few more but I have a tight schedule.

Walking the streets of Rome is invigorating.  The streets are bursting with tourists and locals although unlike New York it’s a relaxed meander. New York is a grid. Rome has many piazzas and cobblestone streets beckoning you to glance in their direction. I often can’t resist taking  a turn to the left then the right to take a peek in all directions for fear I might miss out on something.

Rome is full of fashion, and the people are extravagant and exciting. Pop up stores abound in the city. I love to cruise these stores as well as the street fashion stalls in the local neighborhoods. The Italians know how to dress. I found this pop up store located off Via del Corso! Who wouldn’t want this fabulous jacket, let them adorn you with a scarf and sunglasses and you are ready to stroll down the Corso arm and arm with your best friend!

I had to seriously resist buying this entire outfit.  A girl can dream!

Wine bars are a delight to visitors and locals alike in Rome. Finding a great outdoor location with impressive appetizers is always a good choice.  Vinoteca Novecento offers wine, cocktails and spirits. People watch, order an Aperol Spritz, nosh on the most delicious garlic bread that is being passed around. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the square as dusk sets in.

I feel like I can always learn something new about a city every time I visit.  I wandered into this incredibly beautiful Sculpture Studio and  immediately a serene feeling came over me.  I’m sure I had passed this building numerous times, however, I am happy that I finally took the time to wander through the studios as the sculptures are impressive and the building seems ancient but beautiful at the same time. Everywhere you look culture is on display in this city.

Trevi Fountain, Please make a wish and ensure your return to the Eternal City!
Feeling blessed at Piazza Navona!

When in Rome…do whatever you want!  If by chance you run out of things to do?

Go Shoe Shopping!




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