NYC Calling me back

I travel! It’s my job, my life and my passion. Planning a trip wakes up my senses, I feel energized and excited. There is a certain allure of a new destination, if only for a few days.

When I was in my twenties I usually averaged about three to four years living in the same place, then it was time to go. Working in the airline industry made this possible. I craved the new experience, the unexpected, the journey and the anticipation of a new city. I love culture, shopping and a good vibe. The ability to walk, get lost, and linger over a coffee is indulgent. Seriously, I have no sense of direction. My husband once asked me how I get around Europe on my own. Sometimes “lost in a city” serves me well, such as the discovery of my favorite little wine bar in Rome or the small pop up boutique in Milan where I once purchased a timeless trench coat. Then there were shoes in France…

Found wandering down a cobblestone side street in Rouen France
Found wandering down a cobblestone side street in Rouen!

When marriage and kids enter the equation it becomes a little more difficult to simply pick up and move just because, hence my last twelve years in New Jersey. I am way overdue for a move at least in my mind. With a senior and junior in high school…no chance! I often plan trips we never take and I regularly look for any reason to go into New York City. Am I normal? I do worry about myself sometimes, then I text my like-minded friend. All is good and we have a plan.  The city experience is always different and the lunch options are endless. I would someday like to trade the suburbs for the city life but for now this works!

Pumpkin porridge, first course of the Mini Prix Fixe Menu for lunch at the delicious vegetarian Korean restaurant Hangawi located at 12 East 32nd Street, just be prepared to leave your shoes at the door!

When I arrive in New York City I feel as if I’m propelled into a different way of life. Immediately I am jostled into the mix of hundreds of people. I am weaving in and out of the crowd as if I’m part of a maze and I can’t find the exit. Everyone has a different destination with a different purpose. I get caught up in the pace (my kids have nick named me The Fire Walker). Maybe it’s is because I know how fast my day will go. Lunch, shopping and Broadway. My time is up. This is everything I love…diverse, electric, magnetic, frantic and completely opposite of my life at home in the suburbs.

Currently showing on Broadway, Waitress is not to be missed!


I always envision myself traveling and so my love for travel is manifested in my pictures and words. Sometimes my travel is generated through other people’s stories. Books allow everyone to travel to a different time and place. Other times travel is a road trip.  The way you travel isn’t important, what is significant is the journey. Don’t forget your slice of pie in life. Until next time, NYC!



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