Tag-A-Long trip to Belfast

Twenty years. What I remember about my wedding is my husband leaning over during dinner and saying, “Don’t worry about the food, the party is what everyone will remember.” A beautiful fall day, the leaves were peak in color.  Delaying the ceremony for twenty minutes as some very important guests were lost on the way to the church. The pink stain on the front of my wedding dress when I dropped my lipstick (luckily after the ceremony!) I’m sure there were a myriad of other obstacles that we endured up to and after our wedding. It’s a point in your life when you feel like the world is shining on you, wondering what the future holds and having dreams of a life together. Marriage is frightening, it’s work, it’s compromise. You always need to include laughter, communication, and have an understanding for each other’s needs. Find a passion for activities or interests that bind you together.  For our twentieth anniversary my husband and I decided to revel in two of our treasured activities, traveling and gastronomy.  This trip: Belfast for twenty-four hours — give or take a few!


The approach into Belfast airport on this morning was stunning!  I was told after landing that this view is rarely admired as the fog, clouds and mist take over and conceal this beautiful land.

With only twenty-four hours available or a little less after the delay out of New York, add in some sleep time – we had to prioritize. I tend to do little research and play it by ear, however, that is usually when I’m on my own. First choice was the Titanic Museum, after all I have seen the movie at least a dozen times. It turned out to be a beautiful day, in Belfast translation: no rain!  We walked from our hotel to the Titanic Quarter and happened to pass by this sculpture near the waterfront.


The Beacon of Hope is a metal sculpture by Andy Scott located in Thanksgiving Square in Belfast.


There in the distance is the astounding Titanic Belfast!  This museum is not to be missed. Very impressive both inside and out.  You learn about the people who helped build this massive ship as well as the individuals who set sail on the maiden voyage.  The route was to be Southampton, England – Cherbourg France-Queenstown, Ireland-New York, April 10, 1912.  Informative, impactful, haunting.

A good place for a break and a pint is the Cathedral Quarter.  Numerous old bars and pretty cobblestone streets to admire and a quick walk by City Hall is encouraged!

Now for the highlight of our trip: Dinner at OX Belfast!  We chose the five course vegetarian tasting menu with the wine pairings.  No menu to order from however, everything is described in detail as it is delivered to your table.  From start to finish the meal was exceptional, as was the service. Highly recommended for every foodie!

Things you should know:  1. Reservations necessary for OX Belfast, and you must reserve with a credit card. 2.  Try and spend at least a couple of hours at Titanic Museum. 3.  Allow time to listen to live music at one of the historical pubs. We ended at The Harp Bar singing American Pie! 4. Plan a return trip.


Always enjoying the journey, having fun and hoping for the unexpected. Feeling blessed!




4 thoughts on “Tag-A-Long trip to Belfast

    1. Hi Tamara! You are a really good writer. I love your blogs. You make it seem so much more interesting and adventurous. You should write a book. I’ll be your loyal fan! 🙂
      Happy Anniversary to you and Howard!


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