Unplugged in Mexico

It’s a part of everyone’s life, you never leave home without it. Young or old, without your device you feel lost; unable to communicate.  I pride myself on keeping up with my teenagers in the way of technology. I love Instagram and Snapchat. I tweet occasionally, and I feel, like everyone else in this high tech world, that I must be connected at all times. Two hours after arriving at my Hotel in Riviera Maya Mexico my phone decided to shut down.  Since I was already a few sips into my golden margarita dusted with sea salt, I wasn’t too worried. Maybe it was overly hot or maybe it wasn’t charged like I thought it was. I had probably taken about a dozen pictures already and was hopeful I could charge it, give it a rest and continue on later. But the following morning, my phone was still dead and not responding to anything. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I’m in Mexico down a secluded road miles from the Hotel Zone in Cancun, no computer with me, only my phone and the NX Mini camera I always travel with.  As somewhat of an introvert, my phone is my friend, my true companion, my crutch and my guarantee that I may always look engaged.  After several attempts to restore and restart my phone I decided to seal it away  in my luggage. Out of sight, out of mind.  It was then I came up with the title for this post and once I said it out loud I was able to release myself to life before technology and engage in everything available to me at the resort and in my life.  It was time to sit back, relax, and leave my comfort zone. To really look at people, meet them, talk to them, hear the stories they have to tell — and so the journey began. There was the retired couple on the catamaran trip, they have been traveling with their neighbors (friends since grade school) for years; we talked about their favorite vacation.  They described to me how they first went to Rome, then toured around and eventually ended in Sicily. We talked in length about our mutual love of everything Italian.  I also chatted with a couple from Minnesota who were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary and had left their small children for the very first time.  I encouraged them to continue to travel and was able to share my experiences with them regarding travel with and without kids.  They were relieved that all parents seem to have similar feelings of longing to explore a little on their own as well as share travel with the entire family.  Then there was Genevieve who grounded me every morning with the most incredible view during the nine am yoga session. She provided an interesting perspective on eating and wellness that I valued.   Would I have met these people if I had my device?  I’m not sure but I am very pleased to have interacted with them and heard their stories.  Now for my fabulous friend Heather, who allowed me to snatch her phone for the use of the camera at a moment’s notice and granted me the luxury of sipping my morning espresso while watching the sunrise from our balcony.  I’m pretty sure the whirl of the espresso machine became her wake up call. Probably not what she had anticipated.  As a result of circumstances we also stumbled upon the afternoon tea during my attempt to restore the phone in the library at our resort. Drawn in by the impressive display of sweets we decided to indulge.  No pictures were taken; however,  I will never forget the light flaky bun filled with a rich sweet cream and a scent of orange, and the refined chocolate cake popsicle with the rich ganache on the outside and decadent cake inside. Tea not necessary!  My phone never came back on and I was unable to restore it and lost some of my photos but that’s okay. The memories will always be implanted in my mind.   I realize now how invigorating it actually was to “unplug”!  I was less anxious about life, work, social media, and far more relaxed.  Truth be told…beautiful scenery, amazing people, a good book and a rich strong espresso can take you a long way.

Sunrise and Sunsets
Margaritas poolside alway a must!
Processed with Snapseed.
Cooking class resulted in Grilled Grouper, quinoa with nuts and berries and zesty curry sauce
Dessert…fresh and light
Complimentary catamaran with Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera
No words necessary
Seek out tea time and enjoy your pastries in one of the many common areas!
Feeling relaxed and always blessed



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