“Paris is always a good idea.” -Audrey Hepburn

Monet's garden
Monet’s gardens…bring your sketch pad and live in the moment!

I remember my first trip to New York City.  All I did was look up, at the buildings soaring up into the air and people walking everywhere, bumping into you.  It was my first experience in a metropolis.  It was overwhelming, powerful and incredibly foreign to me. I grew up in a small town in Illinois…picture farmland, no traffic and the late 1970’s.The contrasting differences flooded my senses and I knew then that I was a city person.  I have since lived in Denver, Hawaii, Chicago, Connecticut and New Jersey. Each place has meant something different to me. The first time I traveled to Paris, however, everything fell completely into perspective for me.  I must learn the language,  and get a cute apartment here.  I need to dress French (chic, stylish, one nice pair of shoes and a beautiful scarf). I recently quoted to my friend “I don’t wear shorts in Paris, it goes against everything I believe in.”  I did not move to Paris, but hey, I’m not giving up on that yet.  I did, however, learn the language when I turned thirty.  Deciding to learn French at that age was interesting, difficult and very rewarding. The learning process is somewhat different.  There are many approaches you can take.  I started at a community college to get a grasp of the basics, then onto The Loire Valley in France for a month immersion at school in a Chateau, because who doesn’t want French lessons combined with wine at lunch?  After that, another year with a tutor and then finally I was qualified as a language speaker with the airline.  I accomplished my goal and for the next two years only worked the flights to Paris…next best thing to actually living there! Over the years as times changed in my personal life I wasn’t able to travel to Paris as much. I lost some of my language skills, however, I told myself I would speak only French to everyone during this trip. Easier said than done with jet lag, yet I held true to myself and took the plunge as soon as we arrived at the airport.  When I think of Paris I still want to admire the Eiffel Tower both during the day and sparkling at night.  I want to enjoy a warm, buttery croissant at a small cafe, sitting outside in a chair facing the street watching the world go by.  Also, I need to indulge in a crepe avec du sucre, et citron (sugar and lemon) and at least once I need a chevre chaud salade (goat cheese salad with delicious simple dressing).  Anything else that happens in Paris is a bonus!


Croissants for breakfast and souffle’ for dinner

Water Lily Pond


Ze Kitchen Galerie!  We needed to try at least one Michelin Star Restaurant!
Hotel Regina sophisticated, decadent and the sight for film locations including The Bourne Identity and a French film the day we arrived!
For any goat cheese lover you must experience a chevre chaud at any cafe or brasserie!
Walking after dinner and we came upon The Palais Garnier  there was music playing and the people were dancing out front!  The perfect, memorable scene to gaze upon for our last night in Paris!
Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn!


Macaron class at The Ritz! It should be on everyone’s list. Thank you Ria!

2 thoughts on ““Paris is always a good idea.” -Audrey Hepburn

  1. God I love reading this! I smile the whole time as I live though your experiences and the wonderful way you write about them, sharing the pictures to go with it all. And then I smile because you are my friend and with each post I get to know and love you that much more! Don’t ever stop.


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