Road Trip

The kids are back in school, summer is officially over in my mind, and I catch myself reflecting…was the summer endless, boring, busy, fun?  I always come to the same realization; we were blessed, we traveled, read books, swam in beautiful pools and oceans, enjoyed great restaurants and many warm summer nights.  We made s’mores on the patio, we were fortunate to score tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway.  We snuck in a getaway to Asbury Park, movies on the beach, farmers markets, baseball games, everything that screams summer.  Then suddenly I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.  Why this year did it seem so easy, comfortable, enjoyable?  Part of the reason was everyone is independent – my kids have jobs, and as we all move forward the days of planning constant activities are over for me. I will forever cherish the summers we had together and the part I have played in my kid’s lives. My oldest will be leaving for college next summer and I cannot comprehend what that means for us who are left home. Probably a very quiet household, as she is our spirited, loud, and engaging daughter who helps keep the dinner conversation flowing. I’m thinking we might need an exchange student to stand-in in her absence.  Even though the temperature is still in the 90’s here and the pool is open for one more week, I feel a longing for fall as I do every year.  Dreaming of sweaters, football, red wine and cool fall nights on the patio.

Check out the Asbury Hotel and quench your thirst at their very own Beer Truck!


The show lived up to all the hype. Simply amazing!


Enjoying the best of what summer has to offer chez moi

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