Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sausalito is a San Francisco Bay Area city in Marin County California, having gained a reputation as a wealthy, artistic, and picturesque residential community that attract tourists to it’s shoreline, shops, and to admire the numerous houseboats!

It’s always good to leave your comfort zone. At least that is what I always try and tell myself.  It’s hard for me and I usually struggle for days. When the inner struggle is over and you release yourself to something new, the end result is the payoff! Working international flights for over 20 years I am happy, comfortable and I know what to expect. Recently I had the opportunity to work a flight to San Francisco which seemed at first like an opportunity not to be missed.  My friend and I decided to work the flight together, once you commit it’s hard to let someone down. Then suddenly the panic set in. I thought what did I do?  I don’t work early morning flights, I don’t want to be at the airport at 7 a.m.   Even though I am an early riser I am conditioned to working early evening flights.  It’s ok I got this! When the flight to California is only 5 hours and you arrive at your destination before noon anything can be accomplished.  The plan…ferry to Sausalito for the day!  San Francisco has so much to offer and it’s hard to make a choice but we made the right one.  The weather in San Francisco was cool and windy but sunny…the weather in Sausalito was bright, warm, still and impeccable. We hopped on the trolley just a couple of blocks from our hotel to the Embarcadero ferry terminal. Inside the ferry building there is a food and craft market where you can grab a fresh juice from Urban Remedy, a sandwich from the bakery or a rich, creamy espresso from Peet’s! It was a great way to start the journey. The trip to Sausalito is a short 25 minutes with incredible views.


After departing the ferry we went to the visitor’s center for a map, watched where everyone started walking and went in the other direction.  I feel it’s best to always try and perceive a city through the eyes of a local.  Walking down winding streets in a residential area trying to imagine who might live in a house you are admiring is enchanting to me and maybe in Sausalito a little depressing…onto the food, something that always makes me smile! There are numerous restaurants sprinkled all over the shoreline, some with $$$$ of course.  We decided to take a look at Bar Bocce, quiet looking from the street, however, once we were inside or should I say at the outside area we were delighted with the available seating.  People were playing Bocce, sipping cocktails and wine at the edge of the sand enjoying the day.  It was lively, and vibrant with a casual menu.  I decided on a couple of appetizers; my favorite was the Pea Shoots and Tendrils crostini with fresh burrata and mint!  Bar Bocce is known for the Sourdough Pizza, which looked delicious, another reason for a return visit. After our late lunch we had about another hour to walk around and I just found myself admiring the beautiful landscape.  There are several small boutiques to wander in and out.  Four hours in Sausalito was not enough, however, now I have another place to add to my ever changing vacation list.

The coastline

Nice way to spend your Friday

Wall of flowers

California dreaming

Fresh, bright, creamy and delicious

What a view from the ferry

Always go out of your comfort zone!

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