The Journey

Today I somehow felt like I needed to reflect on my life. Thirty years ago I started working in the airline industry. It was a five year plan, so what happened — life happened. This has been an amazing journey, career, and lifetime experience for me. Starting out young and single in this industry provided plenty of opportunities to travel… beach trips, lunch in a different city, visiting friends and family, back home, then work, meet a new colleague, become friends, plan a trip.  How is that for instant friendship and last minute travel? There are people who are content living in one place forever, but not me.  I was definitely born to travel, explore, live many places, and develop friendships all of the world. There is something about this lifestyle that gets in your blood and if you embrace it, becomes part of your essence. I have evolved over the years and have acquired a very cosmopolitan lifestyle. I now consider myself a foodie. French language will always be my first love. If I were to return to school I would study Art History and writing. (I could use the help). In retirement hopefully I will live in a European city and continue to travel.  I have a bad habit of planning my next vacation almost before the current one is over.  Married and the mom of two teenagers, I give thought to the countless ways we all have benefited from my job.  My varied schedule was an advantage and provided abundant time with my kids.  As a family we have traveled often. Dog sledding in Canada, two weeks in a Villa in Tuscany,  lunch in Paris on Valentine’s Day, Hogwarts via platform 9-3/4 in London, castles in Germany, canal tours in Brugge and Amsterdam, a wedding in Poland, as well as visiting many places in the United States.  Not everyone can or has the desire to travel and I feel very fortunate fulfilling my dreams. The wonder of an airport has always intrigued me, I’m not quite sure why. It’s crazy, hectic, crowded, but it’s the energy and the excitement of the travels that are in every one’s future that make me smile. It’s where I belong. These are some of of my memories…

Arezzo Italy, first gelato

Dog sledding, Quebec, Canada

Lake Region, Salzburg, Austria

Bagpipes in Edinburgh

La Tour Eiffel

Latte art

I never thought at this time in my life I would be writing a travel blog.  Thanks to some very inspirational women,  here I am.  It’s probably more for me than anyone else but that’s okay.  After all this is my journey, I just hope you want to come along with me.

Feeling blessed and grateful – Costa Rica

2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Hi Tamara, I enjoyed reading your blogs – you, You, Howie (my cousin) and the girls have enjoyed some interesting trips. I’m now teaching in China, 1st time abroad but always had the travel bug as well but only covered North America. As I gathered with my colleagues last night at an American restaurant here in China called Zax’s, me and some female teachers began planning a trip to Bali, India for January, and thinking about, Singapore and Malaysia – we have 3 weeks off to travel in Jan/Feb. In June as we head back to Canada, we hope to stop in Russia and visit some cities there. I really enjoyed spending a little time with Howie and Eddie this summer in Cape Breton, I had a nice dinner with them and their mom and my sister invited them to a gathering at her place for a barbecue, it was such a treat to see them. Can’t wait to read about where you will travel next – ENJOY!


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