What is a layover?

Hours spent in an airport, another city, or a hotel room? Sometimes that is what my life consists of. Many people look at their life and jobs in a myriad of ways.  I look at my layovers (flight attendant talk) as a way to forget about my reality, if only for 24 hours, and encounter life in a different way. Near or far it’s always a journey to explore and absorb another culture.

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland.  It’s on Irelands’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. There are many medieval buildings, posh shopping on Grafton Street, and — let’s get serious now — the most important area: Temple Bar.  I love walking around Temple Bar area,  dotted with pubs, restaurants and interesting individuals.  My favorite pub when wandering around is the Auld Dubliner for live music. I usually enjoy a set early afternoon between 3 & 5. Seriously, it’s the only place I can catch live music before my bedtime.  It’s energizing as people sing, dance, and enjoy life.  My mistake…ordering a white wine, definitely gave me away as a tourist. Please also check out Trinity and take the Book of Kells Tour and visit the Old Library.
I am always looking for great food and try to find something unique.  I stumbled across this restaurant on Yelp, read some reviews, and then discovered the history. I figured out where dinner would be that night in Dublin.  The Winding Stair did not disappoint.  We arrived a little early to browse around in the bookstore which occupies the bottom floor of this historic building.  Traditional, independent, and quirky is how I would describe this space. It was once a meeting place for writers, musicians, and artists.  There were several books by Irish authors; I’m a fan mainly after reading In the Woods by Tana French a few years ago.  After looking around we ascended the winding staircase and arrived on the top floor overlooking the river and the Ha’penny bridge.  It’s a great little spot with an upscale vibe. The menu had great vegetarian offerings with local Irish produce and a noteworthy wine by the glass selection. Thank goodness I didn’t have to try my first Guinness!

Halloumi with radish and cucumber salad drizzled with a fruit chutney.

Asparagus salad with beets, sheep cheese, nuts, blood orange dressing and bread sticks.

Bread and butter pudding with whiskey sauce.  Crazy good!

The Winding Stair

Tour of the Old Library and the Book of Kells.

Very Harry Potter

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