After all it’s Venice

Venice is built on more than 100 tiny islands; there are no cars or roadways, only canals and boats. The buildings and structures seem to rise out of the water. It’s not hard to get lost in the numerous maze-like alleys and small squares that abound in this intriguing city.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 It was summer when I last visited Venice. That day the heat index was 118 F, and to say it was hot was an understatement. Nevertheless I survived walking around all day and by evening I looked like I had gone swimming.  Still you can’t complain in Venice! This trip, a cool spring day was anticipated. Unique, breathtaking, dramatic, fascinating, I could go on and on. It’s an island that smells sometimes and is crowded but beautiful. Venice has the ability to capture your mind and take you on a journey you don’t quite expect. I was constantly spinning, looking every way and taking pictures of everything, you just can’t stop yourself. Trying to get the right shot to convey to everyone at home just as I was seeing it… We decided on a gondola ride — yes, I know, touristy —  but it was the highlight of my day.  Our gondolier was interesting, informative and typically Italian in that charming and direct manner. What an ideal way to behold this unforgettable city.

Amazing scenery at every corner!

There are numerous ways to get into Venice, the least expensive being the water bus. For around 20 euro you can ride it all day.  The way I like to get into Venice is the water taxi. The cost is around 70 euro so grab some of your best friends and take the glamorous route.

Cruising across the waterways to Venice!

Venice is the home of Harry’s Bar and the Bellini; however, that will cost you!  My advice; wander around the backstreets of Venice and find a Bacari (small wine bar) for some small bites, a pizza maybe, and glass of wine or a cold drink.

Piazza San Marco

Who needs a map when there are random signs like this?

Go ahead be a tourist. After all, it’s Venice.

Wall Art!

Is Venice sinking?

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