Long summer days!

The sun rises at approximately 4:35 am and sets around 8:55 pm in Stockholm Sweden during the month of May!

 I like to think that a day to get lost in a city by myself would be fun. Maybe because it’s always a different journey, with different people and there is always uncertainty, however, there is hope that my journey will be positively invigorating!

The last time I was in Stockholm was about 6 years ago. My friend and I went to the Ice Bar (that’s another story for another day). In my mind this would be my first trip to enjoy this beautiful northern European city. When you land and the sun has already taken over and all you see are blue skies it’s hard to tell yourself you need to get some sleep, but sleep it is for just 3 hours. It’s the only way….

Like most European cities you can wander for hours around Stockholm!  The capital of Sweden, encompasses 14 islands of the vast archipelago on the Baltic Sea.  Cobblestone streets abound and beautiful architecture can been seen from every vantage point.  Everyone knows all of this so let me tell you about a little hole in the wall restaurant I went to for dinner.  You must like garlic as you can tell from the name. Garlic and Shots located somewhere in Stockholm, it was a long walk. On the menu… beer with garlic cloves and shots of garlic.  I definitely have been missing something in my life, but wait for it……. they also serve a Garlic Martini and yes I ordered it.  First of all it was a bargain compared to what was available on the wine list and I do like a good martini.  I was a little scared of the huge garlic clove floating on the bottom of the glass, but I actually enjoyed the crisp flavor and the garlic didn’t overwhelm at least not yet. There were enough vegan/vegetarian options for me and I decided on the veggie burger, infused with garlic, the bun infused with garlic, and the fries with 2 big garlic cloves nestled in between. It was quirky, loud, and just a bit different. Somehow I felt a little bit like a local there.  
I could easily live here!

Beautiful Stockholm!

Outdoor cafe everywhere in Old Town!

Street scenes

Nothing mainstream about this place something to check out in Stockholm!

Veggie burger was huge!

Yes I did have the garlic martini!

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