Leading the Glamorous Life

I have been working for the airlines since 1986! Ouch ok it’s out there now let’s move on. Many fond memories of sitting around with my roommates, eating box macaroni and cheese and discussing where we should fly for lunch the next day. During the mid eighties it was rather easy to obtain a stand-by seat on an airplane, and as long as my rent was paid the sky’s the limit; Boston, San Francisco, Chicago etc.  Flash forward many years, I now consider myself a foodie, so that takes care of the mac and cheese. I love the revival of “Flying for Food” that is now trending, even though I’m pretty sure I was ahead on that one. Going to a city for lunch, dinner, and sight-seeing in twenty-four hours is the existence of a flight attendant. That’s the glamorous part or is it? The plan…fly into New Orleans early in the morning visit a few of my favorite places, Cafe Du Monde, the French Quarter, however, when Mother Nature has been relentless with heavy rain, flooding, and hail you really need to stop for a moment and reconsider…

…New York City is always a great choice. My friend and I decided to check out Craft Restaurant owned by Tom Colicchio of Top Chef. The lunch menu did not disappoint. Even though we were unable to distance ourselves from the rain the city is always energetic and a foodie paradise!

 Craft Restaurant is magical!
Burrata simply melts in your mouth and the vibrant vegetables add a welcome crunch to the delicate cheese!

Dinner to go – from Eataly!
Can I please take this machine home with me?

Macarons our last stop at Woops!

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